Pacific Marine Review 1920

From "Birdseye View of American Shipbuilding" Pacific Marine Review 6, pp. 55-59 (January 1920).

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The yard of the New York Shipbuilding Company, Camden, New Jersey

View from the air of Yorkship Village, the housing project
of the New York Shipbuilding Company, Camden, New Jersey

The following is a better version Courtesy Michael P. McDowell (1968 Graduate of Yorkship School)

from his website A Place Called Yorkship

Digitally Enhanced and Cleaned by Michael Ruiz

Above is shown a birdseye sketch map of the Delaware River adjacent to the City of Philadelphia, showing the many shipyards on this river, which can rightfully claim to be the Clyde of America. The plants included in this map represent well over 150 shipbuilding ways.

Below is shown an aeroplane view of the Emergency Fleet Corporation's great shipyard at Hog Island. Philadelphia. This is undoubtedly the largest single shipyard in the world. Note in the rear of the picture the long rows of shipbuilding ways with their cranes. These fifty-one slips have during the past year been turning out freighters with almost clock-like regularity and are now launching one a week or more.

You can download the Full Article in pdf Form, which includes a few more pages of other locations in the US.

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