Graduation 1952, Yorkship School

Photo Courtesy Marilyn Harden Bechta, submitted by Irv Molotsky, taken by Delbridge Studio

Supersize Me

Identifications by Yorkship Graduates Irv Molotsky (1952) and Marilyn Matthews Alles (1961).

Section 1

Back: Dick Chamberlin (left) and ??
Front: Judy Hawk? (left), Dotty Boylan, Marilyn Harden Bechta

Section 2

Back (left to right): James Whittic (sp?), Lawrence Schultz, George Jones.
Front: ??, Barbara Brady (center), Gail Silliphany Gooney (right).
Barbara married Gene Andrews (later Jeno Andrea).

Section 3

Back: James Whalen, ?? in center, Carl Bicker (sp?)
Front: Barbara Billingham. ?? in center, Carol Stewart (right).

Section 4

Standing (left to right): Barbara Browning, Bernadine Morton and three unknown girls.
Front (left to right): Albert (then Skippy, now Skip) Matthews, Bill Dick, Shirley Fanslau (sp?).

Section 5

Rear (left to right): Elizabeth Schultz, Violet Haines, Lynn Malandra (Malandra Hall), and ???.
Front (left to right): Lorenzo Floyd, Donald Watson, with Jerry Hunt partly seen behind him, and Robert Watson (Donald's twin brother).

Section 6

Back (left to right): ??, ??, Judy Siefling (sp?). "She was the daughter of our Boy Scout leader,
a wonderful man named Jake," Irv Molotsky.
Front (left to right): Irv Molotsky, ? Hughes?, Clyde Ziminski?, and ?? (far right).

Section 7

Girl in back row is possibly Barbara Lehberger.
Boys (left to right): Max Biederman, Joe Yalove, ??, Paul Thomas, and Gene Andrews, who has since
taken his familial name Jeno Andrea.

Section 8

Left to right: Possibly Barbara Gilbert, Shirley Pierce (or Pearce), and Janice Senator.

Section 9

Margaret Thompson (left), and Phyllis Dorf (right).

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