The Ships of the New York Shipyard Located in Camden, New Jersey

Main Sources: 1)Tim Colton at
2)Camden Historical Society Project of 1999 (Shipyard's 100th Anniversary)
John R. Seitter, Joanne Seitter, Michael J. Seneca, and Paul Schopp

"New York Shipbuilding (known as New York Ship) was established in 1900 by Henry G. Morse, with the financial support of Andrew Mellon and Henry Frick. It was designed as a state-of-the-art shipyard and was called New York Shipbuilding because it was originally intended to be located on Staten Island. In 1916, it was bought by American International Corp. and W. R. Grace, and expanded for the war effort, but it struggled in the post-war years and was sold to American Brown Boveri in 1925. The yard was fully operational as World War II approached and the Navy invested $25 million to expand its capability. At its peak, New York Ship employed 30,000 people. It continued in both naval and merchant shipbuilding after WWII but closed in 1967. The shipyard was just upstream from the Walt Whitman Bridge: it is now part of the Port of Camden." Courtesy Tim Colton

Built by New York Shipbuilding Company, Camden, NJ

# Original
Type Launched Delivered Comment
1M.S. Dollar Dollar LineBulk Oil Steamer 4-May-19012-Jun-1902 Converted to tanker J. M. Guffey before delivery, to USN as SP 1279, later Meloria 1926, scrapped 1935
2Texan American Hawaiian S.S. Co.Cargo Ship 16-Aug-190229-Oct-1902 Torpedoed and lost 1942
3Nevadan American Hawaiian S.S. Co.Freighter 21-Jan-190219-Apr-1902 Later Alamance 1916, torpedoed and lost 1918
4Nebraskan American Hawaiian S.S. Co.Freighter 19-May-190212-Jul-1902 Later Rockingham 1916, torpedoed and lost 1917
5Minnelora/Mongolia Pacific Mail S.S. Co.Passenger/Cargo 25-Jul-19038-Feb-1904 Later President Fillmore 1929, Panamanian 1940, scrapped 1949
6Minnekahda/Manchuria Pacific Mail S.S. Co.Passenger/Cargo 2-Nov-190325-May-1904 Later President Johnson 1928, Santa Cruz 194, scrapped 1952
7Massachusetts Atlantic Transport Co.Passenger/Cargo 14-Oct-19025-Feb-1903 Later Kansan 1911, sunk by a mine 1917
8Mississippi Atlantic Transport Co. Passenger/Cargo 15-Dec-19029-Apr-1903 Later Samland 1906, Belgic 1911, Samland 1913, scrapped 1931
9Ligonier Guffey Petroleum Co.Oil Tanker 22-Apr-190318-May-1903 Scrapped 1937
10Larimer Guffey Petroleum Co.Oil Tanker 16-May-190323-Jun-1903 Missing off Sand Key FL 1919
11Mahoning Guffey Petroleum Co.Oil Barge 6-Jun-190323-Jun-1903
12Neshannock Guffey Petroleum Co.Oil Barge 20-Jun-19033-Jul-1903
13Abram S. Hewitt City of New YorkFire Boat 11-Jul-190320-Oct-1903 Scrapped 1958
14Washington U.S. NavyArmed Cruiser 18-Mar-190330-Jul-1906 Later Seattle (IX 39) 1916, scrapped 1946
15Barnard U.S. War Dept.Dredge 12-Mar-190428-Jun-1904 To Mexico 1942
16Atlantic North American Dredging Co.Dredge 9-Sep-19036-Nov-1903 Later Megas 1918, Landemar 1924, scrapped 1968
17George B. McClellan City of New YorkFire Boat 28-Nov-190327-Apr-1904 Retired 1954
18Float No. 9 N.Y., N.H., & H. Railroad Co.Car Float 1-Oct-19035-Oct-1903
19Float No. 10 N.Y., N.H., & H. Railroad Co.Car Float 8-Oct-190316-Oct-1903
20Ontario Merchants & Miners Transportation Co.Passenger Steamer 28-Mar-19046-Aug-1904 Shelled and lost 1942
21Kansas U.S. NavyBattleship #21 12-Aug-19055-Apr-1907 Scrapped 1924
22Blunts Reef U.S. Dept. of Commerce & LaborLightship #78 23-Jul-19048-Dec-1904 Later WAL 505, rammed and sunk 1960
23Cape Lookout Shoal U.S. Dept. of Commerce & LaborLightship #79 12-Aug-19041-Dec-1904 Later WAL 506, to Philadelphia 1970 as museum
24Five Fathom Bank U.S. Dept. of Commerce & LaborLightship #80 3-Sep-19048-Dec-1904 Sold 1934
25Heald Banks U.S. Dept. of Commerce & LaborLightship #81 22-Sep-190411-Jan-1905 Later WAL 507, sold 1955
26Relief U.S. Dept. of Commerce & LaborLightship #83 8-Oct-190422-Dec-1904 Later WAL 508, to Seattle 1963 as museum
27Float No. 69 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 28-Oct-19049-Nov-1904
28No. 14 Philadelphia N.Y.P. & Norfolk RailroadBarge 13-May-190531-May-1905 Later 614
29New Hampshire U.S. NavyBattleship #25 30-Jun-190614-Mar-1908 Scrapped 1924
30George W. Catt Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Co.Dredge (Suction) 5-Mar-19065-Apr-1906
31Ontario Empire Engineering Corp.Dredge (Hydraulic) 1-Apr-19069-Aug-1906
32Oneida Empire Engineering Corp.Dredge (Hydraulic) 15-May-190617-Oct-1906
33Magnolia Texas Oil Co.Oil Barge 21-Apr-190631-May-1906
34Float No. 14 Long Island Railroad Co.Car Float 24-May-190618-Jun-1906
35Float No. 15 Long Island Railroad Co.Car Float 10-Jul-190616-Jul-1906
36President Pacific Coast Co.Passenger Steamer 29-Dec-190616-Mar-1907 Later Dorothy Alexander 1923, Columbia 1938, Portugal 1946, scrapped 1952
37Barge No. 24 Consolidation Coal Co.Coal Barge 28-Aug-19065-Sep-1906
38Barge No. 25 Consolidation Coal Co.Coal Barge 27-Sep-19062-Oct-1906
39Barge No. 26 Consolidation Coal Co.Coal Barge 27-Oct-190630-Oct-1906
40Hammonton Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Ferry Boat 16-Nov-190614-Dec-1906 Scrapped 1958
41Governor Pacific Coast Co.Passenger Steamer 25-May-19075-Aug-1907 In collision and sank off Point Wilson 1921
42Columbia Chesapeake S.S. Co.Passenger Steamer 12-Mar-190722-Apr-1907 Later City of Atlanta 1922, scrapped 1934
43Michigan U.S. NavyBattleship #27 26-May-190831-Aug-1909 Scrapped 1924
44Brunswick U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLightship #84 5-Jun-190730-Aug-1907 Later WAL 509, floating restaurant in Yonkers NY
45Nantucket Shoals U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLightship #85 19-Jun-19072-Oct-1907 Later WAL 510, sold 1963 as Recoverer
46Hen & Chickens U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLightship #86 3-Aug-190726-Oct-1907 Later WAL 511, sold 1959
47Ambrose Channel U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLightship #87 27-Jul-190722-Oct-1907 Later WAL 512, to South Street Seaport as museum 1968
48Columbia River U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLightship #88 15-Oct-19073-Dec-1917 Later WAL 513, sold 1962, to Canada 1982, to Japan 1988
49Princeton/Berkshire Peoples Line Co.Hull of Passenger Steamer 21-Sep-190716-Oct-1907 Hull only, completed 1913, scrapped 1946
50Standard Oil Co No. 7 Standard Oil Co.Oil Barge 5-Oct-190721-Oct-1907 Later Socony 7
51Standard Oil Co No. 8 Standard Oil Co.Oil Barge 19-Oct-190731-Oct-1907 Later Socony 8
52Standard Oil Co No. 9 Standard Oil Co.Oil Barge 2-Nov-19079-Nov-1907 Later Socony 9
53Oklahoma Guffey Petroleum Co.Oil Tanker 29-Feb-190825-Apr-1908 Broke in two and sank 1914
54Manzanita U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLighthouse Tender 4-Apr-19087-Jul-1908 Sold 1947
55Tulip U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLighthouse Tender 16-Apr-190814-Jul-1908 To the Philippines 1947
56Cypress U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLighthouse Tender 5-May-190821-Jul-1908 Sold 1946
57Sequia U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLighthouse Tender 4-Jun-190813-Aug-1908 To the Philippines 1947
58Kukui U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLighthouse Tender 25-Apr-19081-Aug-1908 Sold 1947
59Orchid U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLighthouse Tender 12-May-19085-Aug-1908 To the Philippines 1947
60Hibicus U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLighthouse Tender 9-Jun-190815-Aug-1908 Sold 1947
61Anemone U.S. Department of Commerce & LaborLighthouse Tender 13-Jun-190825-Jul-1908 To the Philippines 1947
62Preston U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer No. 19 14-Jul-190921-Dec-1909 Scrapped 1919
63Tahoma U.S. Treasury DepartmentRevenue Cutter #20 10-Oct-190828-Oct-1908 Wrecked in Alaska 1914
64Yamacraw U.S. Treasury DepartmentRevenue Cutter #21 24-Oct-190815-Jan-1909 Later Rescue 1938, Pemex XV 1948, scrapped 1968
65Lehigh Valley Railroad No. 423 Lehigh Valley Transporation Co.Car Float 21-May-19081-Jun-1908
66Lehigh Valley Railroad No. 424 Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Car Float 30-Jul-19085-Aug-1908
67Buck Mountain Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Barge 5-Dec-190821-Dec-1908
68Bear Creek Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Barge 18-Dec-190811-Jan-1909 Later 700
69Buffalo Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Barge 24-Dec-190820-Jan-1909 Later 701
70Beckton Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Barge 31-Dec-190820-Jan-1909
71Bellewood Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Barge 2-Mar-190918-Mar-1909
72Bloomsbury Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Barge 8-Feb-190922-Feb-1909
73Blackwood Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Barge 24-Feb-190918-Mar-1909 Later 704
74Berkshire Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.Barge 13-Feb-190927-Feb-1909 Later 707
75General S.M. Mills U.S. War DepartmentMine Laying Steamer 13-Feb-190919-May-1909 Later Pequot (WARC 58), scrapped 1947
76General J. M. Schofield U.S. War DepartmentMine Laying Steamer 20-Feb-19092-Jun-1909 Scrapped 1947
77General R. T. Frank U.S. War DepartmentMine Laying Steamer 15-Mar-19098-Jun-1909 Torpedoed and sunk in Hawaii 1942
78McCall U.S. NavyTorpedo Boat Destroyer #28 4-Jun-191018-Jan-1911 Scrapped 1934
79Burroughs U.S. NavyTorpedo Boat Destroyer #29 23-Jun-191017-Feb-1911 Scrapped 1934
80Utah U.S. NavyBattleship #31 23-Dec-190930-Aug-1911 Later AG 16, sunk at Pearl Harbor 1941
81N.Y.C. No. 46 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 29-May-190931-May-1909
82N.Y.C. No. 47 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 30-Jun-19096-Jul-1909
83N.Y.C. No. 48 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 15-May-190925-May-1909
84N.Y.C. No. 49 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 2-Aug-19097-Aug-1909
85Robert Fulton Albany Day Line Co.Sidewheel Steamboat 20-Mar-190918-May-1909 Wrecked in the Bahamas 1960
86Float No. 17 D.L. & W. Railroad Co.Car Float 26-Jun-19092-Jul-1909
87Float No. 18 D.L. & W. Railroad Co.Car Float 10-Jul-190914-Jul-1909
88Railroad Barge No. 16 New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Co.Barge 7-May-19091-Jun-1909 Later 616
89Standard Oil Co. No. 10 Standard Oil Co.Cargo Oil Tank Barge 16-Oct-19095-Nov-1909 Later Socony 10
90Standard Oil Co. No. 11 Standard Oil Co.Cargo Oil Tank Barge 6-Nov-190919-Nov-1909 Later Socony 11
91Mastodon Morgans L. & T. Railroad & S.S. Co.Car Float 27-Oct-190917-Nov-1909
92Delawanna D.L. & W. Railroad Co.Coal Barge 28-Dec-19093-Jan-1910
93Coastwise Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 5-Feb-191026-Feb-1910 Scrapped 1948
94Transportation Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 19-Mar-19101-Apr-1910 Later Panchito 1940, broke in two and sank 1948
95Ammen U.S. NavyTorpedo Boat Destroyer #35 20-Sep-191020-May-1911 Scrapped 1935
96Barge No. 27 Consolidated Coal Co.Coal Barge 16-Jun-191022-Mar-1911 Later Samuel C. Loveland, Jr.
97Arkansas U.S. NavyBattleship #33 14-Jan-191126-Aug-1912 Sunk as target by underwater nuclear test at Bikini Atoll 1946
98Float No. 17 N.Y.C. Railroad Co.Car Float 28-Jan-19107-Feb-1910
99Float No. 18 N.Y.C. Railroad Co.Car Float 5-Mar-19109-Mar-1910
100Float No. 17 N.Y.P. & Norfolk Railroad Co.Barge 18-Mar-191027-Mar-1910 Later 617
101Float No. 5 Brooklyn E. D. Terminal Co.Car Float 20-Apr-191025-Apr-1910
102Lehigh Valley No. 425 Lehigh Valley Railroad Co.Car Float 9-May-191016-May-1910
103Moreno Argentine Government (Navy)Battleship 23-Sep-191119-Mar-1915 Scrapped 1957
104Float No. 1 N.Y.P. & Norfolk Railroad Co.Car Float 21-Jun-191029-Jun-1910
105Car Float
No. 11
Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 15-Jul-191024-Jul-1910
106Car Float
No. 52
Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 30-Jul-19105-Aug-1910
107 New York Engineering Co.Dredge Hull Knocked Down
108Suwannee M. & M. Transportation Co.Freight & Passenger Steamer 25-Feb-191118-Mar-1911 Later City of Rome 1917, Veramar 1928, Somerset 1929, scrapped 1938
109Somerset M. & M. Transportation Co.Freight & Passenger Steamer 30-Mar-191129-Apr-1911 Later City of Athens 1917, in collision and sank 1918
110N.Y.C. No. 50 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 28-Dec-19107-Jan-1911
111N.Y.C. No. 51 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 21-Feb-191124-Feb-1911
112Jarvis U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #38 3-Apr-191221-Oct-1912 Scrapped 1935
113Suffolk Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 25-Jul-191126-Aug-1911 Missing 1943
114B. & O. No. 169N Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.Car Float 22-Jun-191127-Jun-1911
115B. & O. No. 170N Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.Car Float 19-Jul-191124-Jul-1911
116Helles Greek GovernmentCruiser 4-May-191213-Jun-1914 Originally Fei Hung for the Chinese Navy, Chinese Chao Ho - class cruiser, sold during construction to Greece, torpedoed and lost 1940
117Alameda Southern Pacific Co.Ferryboat Knocked Down12-Dec-1911 To USN 1944 as YHB 25, scrapped 1947
118Sonoma U.S. NavySea Tug #12 11-May-19125-Sep-1912 Later ATO 12, lost at Leyte 1944
119Ontario U.S. NavySea Tug #13 11-Apr-191231-Aug-1912 Later ATO 13, sold 1947
120N.Y.C. No. 22 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 23-Nov-191129-Nov-1911
121N.Y.C. No. 52 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 7-Dec-191112-Dec-1911
122Downes U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #45 8-Nov-191311-Feb-1915 Later CG 4, scrapped 1934
123Rayo Standard Oil Co.Oil Tanker 2-Jul-19125-Oct-1912 Later Rawleigh Warner 1929, torpedoed and lost 1942
124El Segundo Standard Oil Co.Oil Tanker 9-Oct-191219-Dec-1912 Later Pax 1953, scrapped 1954
125Gulfoil Gulf Refining Co.Oil Tanker 29-Aug-191214-Dec-1912 Torpedoed and lost 1942
126Washington Irving Hudson River Day LineSide Wheel Steamboat 7-Dec-19123-May-1913 In collision and scrapped 1936
127 Wellman-Seaver-MorganPontoon 8-Aug-19122-Sep-1912
128Float No. 14 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 26-Mar-19123-Apr-1912
129Middlesex Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 21-Sep-191226-Oct-1912 Scrapped 1952
130Oklahoma U.S. NavyBattleship #37 23-Mar-19142-May-1916 Sunk at Pearl Harbor 1941
131Vesta Standard Oil Co.Oil Steamer 1-Feb-19133-Apr-1913 Later Pegasus 1931, bombed by aircraft and lost 1941
132Norfolk Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 5-Dec-191220-Jan-1913 Later Harry Bowen 1930, Margaret Sheridan 1951, Mohawk 1967
133Float No. 7 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 30-Sep-19125-Oct-1912
134Socony Standard Oil Co.Oil Steamer 19-Apr-19133-Jun-1913 Scrapped 1936
135Congress Pacific Coast Co.Passenger Steamer 17-May-191329-Jul-1913 Later Nankong 1917, Emma Alexander 1923, Empire Woodlark 1940, scuttled 1946
136Float No. D24 N.Y.C. Railroad Co.Car Float 1-Mar-19135-Apr-1913
137Float No. D25 N.Y.C. Railroad Co.Car Float 21-May-191331-May-1913
138Tyler Old Dominion S.S. Co.Cargo Steamer 31-May-191325-Jul-1913 Torpedoed and lost 1918
139Float No. 32 D.L. & W. Railroad Co.Car Float 12-Jul-191317-Jul-1913
140Float No. 33 D.L. & W. Railroad Co.Car Float 14-Aug-191315-Sep-1913
141Ericsson U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #56 22-Aug-191414-Aug-1915 Later CG 5, scrapped 1934
142Car Float No. D53 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 20-Aug-191324-Aug-1913
143Car Float No. D54 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 15-Oct-191319-Oct-1913
144Santa Clara Southern Pacific Co.Ferryboat Hull Knocked Down27-Aug-1913 Scrapped 1947
145Car Float No. 6 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 13-Sep-191319-Sep-1913
146Car Float No. 13 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 4-Sep-191328-Sep-1913
147Hampden Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 15-Dec-19137-Jan-1914 Scrapped 1948
148Mayor Gaynor City of New YorkFerryboat 7-Feb-191427-Apr-1914 Scrapped 1951
149Melville U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer Tender #2 2-Mar-19152-Dec-1915 Scrapped 1949
150Jacob Jones U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #61 29-May-191510-Feb-1916 Torpedoed and lost 1917
151Wainwright U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #62 12-Jun-191512-May-1916 Later CG 24, scrapped 1934
152Car Float No. 16 Long Island Railroad Co.Car Float 20-Aug-191429-Aug-1914
153Car Float No. 17 Long Island Railroad Co.Car Float 25-Jul-19141-Aug-1914
154Float No. 3 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 7-Apr-191412-Apr-1914
155Bay Barge No. 18 N.Y.P. & N. Railroad Co.Coal Barge 4-May-191411-May-1914 Later 618
156Gulflight Gulf Refining Co.Oil Tanker 8-Aug-191429-Aug-1914 Later Nantucket Chief 1937, Refast 1938, torpedoed and lost 1942
157Gulfstream Gulf Refining Co.Oil Tanker 17-Sep-19149-Oct-1914 Later H. M. Fredrichsen 1936, scrapped 1947
158William O'Brien Carpenter-O'Brien Co.Lumber Carrier Steamer 27-Feb-191517-Apr-1915 Missing 1920
159Gulfcoast Gulf Refining Co.Oil Tanker 27-Mar-19156-May-1915 Later A. S. Hansen 1936, scrapped 1946
160Idaho U.S. NavyBattleship #42 30-Jun-191724-Mar-1919 Scrapped 1947
161Plymouth Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 9-Sep-191524-Sep-1915 Scrapped 1948
162Franklin Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 21-Aug-191515-Oct-1915 Later Nevadan 1921, Oakey L. Alexander 1926, wrecked off Cape Elizabeth 1947
163Panama Bucyrus Co.Dipper Dredge 26-Jun-191524-Aug-1915
164Virginia Pocahontas Navigation Co.Collier 23-Oct-191530-Nov-1915 Later P. L. M. 8, wrecked off Cape Razo 1922
165Jonancy Pocahontas Navigation Co.Collier 9-Nov-191513-Dec-1915 Later Algarrobo 1962, wrecked off Valparaiso 1963
166Bylayl Pocahontas Navigation Co.Collier 4-Dec-19153-Jan-1916 Later Pachuco 1962, scrapped 1971
167Standard Arrow Standard Oil Co.Oil Tanker 15-May-191631-Aug-1916 Later Signal 1944, scrapped 1947
168Royal Arrow Standard Oil Co.Oil Tanker 30-Oct-191616-Dec-1916 Later Laura Corrado 1946, scrapped 1959
169Bristol Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 15-Jan-191614-Feb-1916 Later William H. Machen 1940, in collision and lost 1942
170Edward L. Doheny Jr. Petroleum TransportOil Tanker 24-Apr-191718-Jun-1917 Later R. W. Stewart 1925, R. G. Stewart 1931, scrapped 1947
171 Wellman-Seaver-MorganPontoon 15-Mar-191623-Apr-1916
172Gulfmaid Gulf Refining Co. Oil Tanker 20-Mar-191731-May-1917 Later Descubridor 1947, Giovi 1948, scrapped 1955
173Gulf of Mexico Gulf Refining Co. Oil Tanker 28-Jun-19173-Aug-1917 Later Raman 1950, scrapped 1962
174Sylvan Arrow Standard Oil Co.Oil Tanker 16-Oct-19172-Jan-1918 Torpedoed and lost 1942
175Broad Arrow Standard Oil Co.Oil Tanker 22-Dec-191712-Mar-1918 Torpedoed and lost 1943
176Deepwater Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 28-Jul-191712-Oct-1917 Later Lemuel Burrows 1925, torpedoed and lost 1942
177Tidewater Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 18-Jul-191730-Jan-1918 Later Isaac T. Mann 1923, scrapped 1954
178Float No. 15 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 17-Aug-191622-Aug-1916
179Float No. 16 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 5-Jul-191610-Jul-1916
180Float No. 55 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 9-Nov-191615-Nov-1916
181Float No. 56 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 5-Dec-191610-Dec-1916
182Fairmont Coastwise Transportation Co.Collier 8-Dec-19175-Feb-1918 Later Nebraskan 1921, Black Point 1927, torpedoed and lost 1945
183Freeman Pocahontas NavigationCollier 27-Dec-19173-Apr-1918 Scrapped 1965
184Sewells Point Darrow Mann Co.Collier 12-Feb-191828-Mar-1918 Scrapped 1948
185Float No. 62 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 3-Apr-19179-Apr-1917
186Float No. 60 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 16-May-191720-May-1917
187Float No. 61 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 27-Aug-191731-Aug-1917
188Float No. 59 N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad Co.Car Float 27-Sep-19173-Oct-1917
189Gulfland Gulf Refining Co.Oil Tanker 28-Mar-191829-May-1918 In collision, burnt and wrecked 1943
190E. L. Doheny, III Petroleum Transport Co.Oil Tanker 17-Aug-191819-Nov-1918 Later F. H. Wickett 1925, E. G. Seubert 1931, torpedoed and lost 1944
191Glen White Darrow Mann Co.Collier 20-Apr-191831-May-1918 Scrapped 1948
192Winding Gulf Darrow Mann Co.Collier 22-Jun-191815-Aug-1918 Scrapped 1948
193M. J. Scanlon East Coast Transportation Co.Lumber Carrier Steamer 4-Jul-191820-Sep-1918 Later Missoula 1925, Malamton 1935, Minotaur 1941, torpedoed and lost 1943
194General William M. Graham U.S. ArmyMine Planter 29-Aug-19173-Jan-1918 Later Panama City 1947, scrapped 1948
195William N. Page Darrow Mann Co.Collier 7-Sep-191830-Nov-1918 Scrapped 1952
196Gulfqueen Gulf Refining Co.Oil Tanker 27-Feb-191918-Apr-1919 Later Artemis 1944, Maracaibo 1947, scrapped 1954
197Santa Elisa W. R. Grace Co.Passenger/Cargo Steamer 24-Sep-191816-Jun-1919 Later Baranof 1936, scrapped 1955
198Santa Leonora W. R. Grace Co.Passenger/Cargo Steamer 19-Dec-19187-Jul-1919 Later Canopus (AS 9) 1921, scuttled off Bataan 1942
199Saratoga U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier 7-Apr-192516-Nov-1927 Suspended 1922, completed as CV 3, sunk as target at Bikini 1946
200Colorado U.S. NavyBattleship #45 3-Mar-192130-Aug-1923 Scrapped 1959
201Washington U.S. NavyBattleship #47 1-Sep-192128-Jan-1924 Sunk as target 1924
202Champion Atlantic Transport Co.Cargo Steamer 15-Jul-191930-Sep-1919 Later Montauk 1920, scrapped 1935
203Defender Atlantic Transport Co.Cargo Steamer 14-Aug-19193-Nov-1919 Later Montana 1920, scrapped 1935
204Absecon National Shipping Corp.Collier 23-Mar-191828-Jun-1918 Later James Ellwood Jones 1928, T. J. Sheridan 1951, De Bardeleben Marine II 1960, scrapped 1962
205Tuckahoe National Shipping Corp.Collier 5-May-191815-May-1918 Later Seaconnet 1922, foundered off Vineyard Haven 1923
206Santa Tecla W.R. Grace Co.Oil Tanker 28-Feb-191828-Jun-1918 Later Snia Amba 1937, torpedoed and scuttled 1941
207Mineola Atlantic Transport Co.Oil Tanker 21-Mar-191828-Jun-1918 Later Nosa Duke 1932, North Wind 1933, wrecked 1944
208 Oil Tanker Cancelled
209 Collier Cancelled
210Tattnall U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #125 5-Sep-191826-Jun-1919 Later APD 19, scrapped 1946
211Badger U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #126 24-Aug-191829-May-1919 Scrapped 1946
212Twiggs U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #127 28-Sep-191828-Jul-1919 To Britain 1940 as HMS Leamington (G 19), to USSR 1944 as Zhguchi, returned 1950 used in movie The Gift Horse, scrapped 1951
213Babbitt U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #128 30-Sep-191824-Oct-1919 Later AG 102, scrapped 1946
214Delong U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #129 29-Oct-191820-Sep-1919 Wrecked in Half Moon Bay CA 1921
215Jacob Jones U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #130 20-Nov-191820-Oct-1919 Sunk by U-boat off Cape May 1942
216Dickerson U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #151 12-Mar-19193-Sep-1919 Later APD 21, scuttled 1945
217Leary U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #158 18-Dec-19185-Dec-1919 Sunk by U-boat off the Azores 1943
218Schenck U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #159 23-Apr-191930-Oct-1919 Later AG 82, scrapped 1946
219Herbert U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #160 8-May-191921-Nov-1919 Later APD 22, scrapped 1946
220Hatfield U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #231 17-Mar-191916-Apr-1920 Later AG 84, scrapped 1946
221Brooks U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #232 24-Feb-191918-Jun-1920 Later APD 10, scrapped 1946
222Gilmer U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #233 24-May-191930-Apr-1920 Later APD 11, scrapped 1946
223Fox U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #234 12-Jun-191917-May-1920 Later AG 85, scrapped 1946
224Kane U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #235 12-Aug-191911-Jun-1920 Later APD 18, scrapped 1946
225Humphreys U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #236 28-Jul-191821-Jul-1920 Later APD 12, scrapped 1946
226McFarland U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #237 30-Mar-192030-Sep-1920 Later APD 26, scrapped 1946
227James K. Paulding U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #238 20-Apr-192029-Nov-1920 Scrapped 1946
228Overton U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #239 10-Jul-191930-Jun-1920 Later APD 23, scrapped 1946
229Sturtevant U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #240 29-Jul-192021-Sep-1920 Sunk by mine off Key West 1942
230Childs U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #241 15-Sep-192022-Oct-1920 Later AVP 14 and AVD 1, scrapped 1946
231King U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #242 14-Oct-192016-Dec-1920 Scrapped 1946
232Sands U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #243 28-Oct-191910-Nov-1920 Later APD 13, scrapped 1946
233Williamson U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #244 16-Oct-191929-Oct-1920 Later AVP 15 and AVD 2, scrapped 1946
234Reuben James U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #245 4-Oct-191924-Sep-1920 Sunk by U-boat off Iceland 1941
235Bainbridge U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #246 12-Jun-19209-Feb-1921 Scrapped 1946
236Goff U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #247 2-Jun-192019-Jan-1921 Scrapped 1946
237Barry U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #248 28-Oct-192027-Dec-1920 Later APD 29, sunk by kamikaze off Okinawa 1945
238Hopkins U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #249 26-Jun-192021-Mar-1921 Later DMS 13, scrapped 1946
239Lawrence U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #250 10-Jul-192018-Apr-1921 Scrapped 1946
240Wenatchee Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 24-May-19193-May-1921 Later President Jefferson 1923, Henry T. Allen (AP 30) 1940, scrapped 1948
241Sea Girt/Southern Cross Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 20-Jul-191924-Sep-1921 Later Wharton (AP 7) 1940, scrapped 1951
242Badger State/American Legion Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 11-Oct-191915-Jul-1921 Later AP 35 1940, scrapped 1947
243Scottsburg Emergency Fleet Corp.Cargo & Steamer 20-Sep-191929-Nov-1919 Torpedoed and lost 1942
244Old North State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 29-Feb-191921-Oct-1920 Later President Van Buren 1923, President Fillmore 1940, Hospital Ship Marigold 1944, President Fillmore 1946, scrapped 1948
245Creole State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 27-Apr-19206-Dec-1920 Later President Hayes 1923, President Tyler 1940, Hospital Ship Howard A. McCurdy 1944, President Tyler 1946, scrapped 1957
246Granite State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 31-Jul-19207-Mar-1921 Later President Polk 1923, President Taylor 1940, wrecked 1942
247Panhandle State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 9-Mar-192030-Aug-1920 Later President Monroe 1923, President Buchanan 1940, Hospital Ship Emily H. M. Weder 1944, President Buchanan 1946, scrapped 1956
248Wolverine State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 16-Sep-19206-Jan-1921 Later President Harrison 1923, Kachidoki Maru 1942, torpedoed and lost 1944
249Centennial State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 11-Dec-192023-Apr-1921 Later President Adams 1923, President Grant 1940, wrecked 1944
250Blue Hen State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 23-Feb-19216-Jul-1921 Later President Garfield 1923, President Madison 1940, Kenore (AP 62) 1942, Refuge (AH 11) 1944, scrapped 1948
251Bay State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 17-Jul-192018-Nov-1921 Later President Madison 1923, President Quezon 1940, wrecked 1940
252Peninsula State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 6-Jul-19208-Feb-1922 Later President Roosevelt 1922, Joseph T. Dickman (AP 26) 1942, President Roosevelt 1946, scrapped 1948
253Keystone State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 15-May-192028-May-1921 Later President McKinley 1923, J. Franklin Bell (AP 34) 1940, scrapped 1948
254Empire State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 4-Aug-19201-Jul-1921 Later President Wilson 1923, Maria Pepa 1940, Cabo de Hornos 1940, scrapped 1959
255Lone Star State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 23-Dec-192031-Dec-1921 Later President Harding 1922, Ville de Bruges 1940, bombed by aircraft and lost 1940
256Hoosier State Emergency Fleet Corp.Passenger/Cargo 23-Oct-192020-Sep-1921 Later President Lincoln 1923, Maria del Carmen 1940, Cabo de Buena Esperanza 1940, scrapped 1958
257Nora W.R. Grace Co.Oil Tanker 25-Sep-192026-Oct-1920 Later F. W. Abrams 1934, sunk by a mine 1942
258Camden Standard Oil Co.Oil Tanker 24-Nov-192020-Jan-1921 Torpedoed and lost 1942
259Solana Standard Oil Co.Oil Tanker 22-Jan-192123-Mar-1921 Later Mar Chandris 1951, scrapped 1959
260Yankee Arrow Standard Transportation Co.Oil Tanker 10-Apr-19212-Aug-1921 Scrapped 1948
261Empire Arrow Standard Transportation Co.Oil Tanker 24-May-19217-Sep-1921 Scrapped 1939
262Levant Arrow Standard Transportation Co.Oil Tanker 25-Jul-192118-Oct-1921 Scrapped 1938
263Munargo Munson S.S. LinePassenger/Cargo 17-Sep-192131-Dec-1921 Later AP 20 1942, Hospital Ship Thistle 1943, scrapped 1957
264Eurana Oil Tanker 16-Jul-192113-Mar-1923 Later Gulfbreeze 1926, Sicanus 1947, scrapped 1955
265Priscilla Oil Tanker 20-Mar-19241-Nov-1924 Later Edward L. Shea 1927, scrapped 1955
266Dixie Arrow Standard Transportation Co.Oil Tanker 29-Sep-192129-Nov-1921 Torpedoed and lost 1942
267Kamoi Japanese NavyOiler Fuel Ship 8-Jun-192212-Sep-1922 Scrapped 1947
268B.E.D.T. No. 17 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 24-May-192227-May-1922
269B.E.D.T. No. 18 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 31-Jul-19223-Aug-1922
270Rockland Rockland & Rockport LineCoal Barge 7-Sep-192213-Oct-1922
271Rockport Rockland & Rockport LineCoal Barge 5-Oct-192225-Oct-1922
272Rockville Rockland & Rockport LineCoal Barge 28-Oct-192210-Nov-1922
273Rock Harbor Rockland & Rockport LineCoal Barge 13-Nov-192224-Nov-1922
274Rock Haven Rockland & Rockport LineCoal Barge 6-Dec-192214-Dec-1922
275B.E.D.T. No. 19 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 14-Dec-192219-Dec-1922
276B.E.D.T. No. 20 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 4-Jan-19234-Jan-1923
277B.E.D.T. No. 21 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 1-Feb-192312-Feb-1923
278Carabobo Red D LinePassenger/Cargo 27-Oct-192328-Dec-1923 Later North Coast 1938, Mayon 1946, burnt and scrapped 1955
279Arthur N. Herron American Dredging Co.Tug Boat 26-Nov-192323-Feb-1924 Burnt and sank 1952
280Float No. 6 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 26-Sep-192321-Oct-1923
281Float No. 9 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 17-Oct-19236-Nov-1923
282Float No. 10 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 25-Oct-192312-Nov-1923
283Float No. 13 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 4-Dec-192326-Dec-1923
284Float No. 16 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 24-Dec-19238-Jan-1924
285Float No. 20 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 31-Dec-192316-Jan-1924
286Float No. 31 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 15-Jan-192427-Jan-1924
287Float No. 82 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 5-Feb-192417-Feb-1924
288Float No. 156 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 21-Feb-19243-Mar-1924
289Float No. 157 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 15-Mar-192424-Mar-1924
290Providence Socony Standard Transportation Co.Oil Barge 8-Apr-192416-Apr-1924 Later Bert Reinauer 1952, Sinclair Milwaukee 1956, Berwyn 1963, Falcon 1966, scrapped 1970
291Hartford Socony Standard Transportation Co.Oil Barge 21-Feb-19241-May-1924 Later Esso Delivery No. 11 1947, Esso Thames 1955, Yorktown 1965, scrapped 1972
292Boston Socony Standard Transportation Co.Oil Barge 5-May-192413-May-1924 Later J. L. Latimer 1954, Lio 1957, Val 51 1964, scrapped 1965
293Float No. H.T. 1 Harlem Transfer CompanyCar Float 16-Jul-192419-Jul-1924 Retired 1964
294Float No. H.T. 2 Harlem Transfer CompanyCar Float 31-Jul-19245-Aug-1924 Retired 1965
295Float No. D63 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 12-Jun-19244-Jul-1924
296Float No. D64 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 30-Jun-192423-Jul-1924
297Float No. D65 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 28-Aug-192419-Sep-1924
298Float No. D66 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 11-Sep-19244-Oct-1924
299Float No. D67 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 25-Sep-192415-Oct-1924
300L.V. 809 L.V. Railroad Co.Car Float 26-Nov-192415-Dec-1924
301L.V. 811 L.V. Railroad Co.Car Float 20-Dec-192430-Dec-1924
302C. & O. No. 2 Chesapeake & Ohio RailroadCar Float 25-Feb-19254-Mar-1925
303El Moro International Cement Co.Cement Barge 2-Feb-192523-Apr-1925 Later Lone Star No. 3
304Gulfcrest Gulf Refining Co.Oil Tanker 27-Feb-192615-Apr-1926 Scrapped 1954
305Jamaica Bay United Dredging Co.Dredge 21-May-19255-Jun-1925
306Reading Co. No. 5 Reading Co.Car Float 15-Jul-192515-Jul-1925
307Reading Co. No. 6 Reading Co.Car Float 4-Aug-19254-Aug-1925
308Reading Co. No. 7 Reading Co.Car Float 7-Jul-19258-Jul-1925
309Reading Co. No. 8 Reading Co.Car Float 28-Jul-192528-Jul-1925
310Reading Co. No. 9 Reading Co.Car Float 19-Aug-192519-Aug-1925
311Reading Co. No. 10 Reading Co.Car Float 27-Aug-192527-Aug-1925
312Crest Bucyrus Co.Dredge 22-Apr-192611-Jun-1926
313Pennsylvania American Dredging Co.Dredge Hull 15-Apr-192629-Apr-1926
314Pullen U.S. Engineers OfficeHydaulic Dredge 18-Aug-192630-Apr-1926
315Float No. D1 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 25-May-192612-Jun-1926
316Float No. D2 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 19-Jun-19263-Jul-1926
317Float No. D7 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 3-Jul-192619-Jul-1926
318Float No. D8 New York Central Railroad Co.Car Float 4-Aug-192617-Aug-1926
319Harriet Lane U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 30-Nov-192631-Dec-1926 Sold 1948 as Humble AC 4
320Active U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 30-Nov-192612-Jan-1927 Sold 1963
321Agissig U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 30-Nov-192619-Jan-1927 Transferred to USMMA 1969
322Alert U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 30-Nov-192625-Jan-1927 Sold 1969
323Antietim U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 30-Nov-192622-Jan-1927 Later Bedloe, lost in a hurricane 1944
324Bonham U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 30-Nov-192627-Jan-1927 Sold 1959
325Boutwell U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 27-Jan-19278-Feb-1927 Sold 1964
326Cahoone U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 27-Jan-192711-Feb-1927 Sold 1968
327Cartigan U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 27-Jan-19272-Mar-1927 Sold 1969
328Crawford U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 27-Jan-192717-Feb-1927 Donated to Woods Hole 1947
329Cuyahoga U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 27-Jan-19273-Mar-1927 Rammed and lost 1978
330Diligence U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 27-Jan-192718-Feb-1927 Sold 1963
331Dix U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 27-Jan-19274-Mar-1927 Sold 1948
332Ewing U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 15-Mar-192723-Mar-1927 Sold 1969
333Faunce U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 15-Mar-192729-Mar-1927 Sold 1948
334Frederick Lee U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 15-Mar-19272-Apr-1927 Sold 1966
335General Greene U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 14-Feb-192715-Mar-1927 Donated to Newbury MA 1968
336Jackson U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 14-Feb-19279-Mar-1927 Lost in a hurricane 1944
337Legare U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 14-Feb-192714-Mar-1927 Sold 1968
338Marion U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 15-Mar-19274-Apr-1927 Sold 1963
339McLane U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 22-Mar-19276-Apr-1927 Sold 1969
340Montgomery U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 22-Mar-19274-Apr-1927 Later Colfax, sold 1956
341Morris U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 4-Apr-19279-Apr-1927 Donated to Sea Scouts 1970
342Nemaha U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 4-Apr-192713-Apr-1927 Sold 1948
343Pulaski U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 4-Apr-192713-Apr-1927 Sold 1948
344Reliance U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 18-Apr-192722-Apr-1927 Sold 1948
345Rush U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 18-Apr-192726-Apr-1927 Sold 1948
346Tiger U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 18-Apr-192729-Apr-1927 Sold 1948
347Travis U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 18-Apr-192726-Apr-1927 Sold 1962
348Vigilant U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 25-Apr-192729-Apr-1927 Sold 1956
349Kimball U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 25-Apr-19274-May-1927 Sold 1970
350Woodbury U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 2-May-19275-May-1927 Sold 1948
351Yeaton U.S. Coast GuardPatrol Boat 2-May-19277-May-1927 Sold 1970
352Governor Moore Electric Ferries Co.Ferry Boat 21-Oct-19263-Nov-1926 Sank 1942
353Charles W. Culkin Electric Ferries Co.Ferry Boat 21-Oct-19265-Nov-1926 Later Gotham 1931, Jamestown 1951, abandoned East Boston 1966
354Greenville Kane Electric Ferries Co.Ferry Boat 17-Nov-192624-Nov-1926 Later Palisades 1945, Sewell's Point 1952, abandoned Staten I. 1966
355W.A. Baldwin Electric Ferries Co.Ferry Boat 7-Dec-192621-Dec-1926 Later Weehawk 1931, sold for scrap 1960 but sank in Lock 28, in Cardinal ON
356Frederick Peirce Electric Ferries Co.Ferry Boat 30-Dec-192613-Jan-1927 Later Westchester 1931, North Jersey 1947, Eastern Bay 1949, B. Frank Sherman 1951, Chesapeake 1955, scrapped 1979
357Frank E. Gannett Electric Ferries Co.Ferry Boat 29-Jan-19275-Feb-1927 Later Nassau 1931, Presidente Porras (Chile) 1942, Alonso de Ericella 1962
358Harbor Transfer #1 Reading Co.Lighter 16-Dec-192617-Dec-1926
359Harbor Transfer #2 Reading Co.Lighter 16-Dec-192617-Dec-1926
360Harbor Transfer #3 Reading Co.Lighter 3-Feb-19274-Feb-1927
361Harbor Transfer #4 Reading Co.Lighter 3-Feb-19274-Feb-1927
362V.G.O. No. 15 Venezuela Gulf Oil Co.Barge 13-Nov-192618-Nov-1926
363V.G.O. No. 16 Venezuela Gulf Oil Co.Barge 13-Nov-192618-Nov-1926
364No. 15 S Reading Co.Car Float 29-Mar-192729-Mar-1927
365No. 16 S Reading Co.Car Float 12-Apr-192712-Apr-1927
366No. 11 S Reading Co.Car Float 7-Mar-19278-Mar-1927
367No. 12 S Reading Co.Car Float 14-Mar-192714-Mar-1927
368No. 13 S Reading Co.Car Float 12-Apr-192712-Apr-1927
369No. 14 S Reading Co.Car Float 26-Apr-192726-Apr-1927
370B.E.D.T. No. 22 Brooklyn E.D. TerminalCar Float 16-May-192721-May-1927
371P.R.R. No. 507 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 8-Aug-192722-Aug-1927
372P.R.R. No. 514 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 25-Aug-192712-Sep-1927
373Mariel International CementCement Barge 17-Dec-19277-Jan-1928 Later Lone Star No. 2
374P.T. O'Connor Houseboat Cancelled 16-Jan-1929
375Salt Lake City U.S. NavyCruiser 23-Jan-19299-Dec-1929 Sunk as target 1948
376Reading Co. No. 17 Reading Co.Car Float 25-Jun-192825-Jun-1928
377Reading Co. No. 18 Reading Co.Car Float 10-Jul-192810-Jul-1928
378P.R.R. No. 152 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Lighter 28-Nov-192820-Dec-1928
379Float No. 22 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 16-Oct-192831-Oct-1928
380Chester U.S. NavyScout Cruiser #27 3-Jul-192923-Jun-1930 Scrapped 1959
381P.R.R. 515 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 2-Aug-192820-Aug-1928
382P.R.R. 533 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 9-Aug-192825-Aug-1928
383P.R.R. 534 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 16-Aug-192831-Aug-1928
384P.R.R. 556 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 8-Sep-192823-Sep-1928
385P.R.R. 557 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 25-Sep-19287-Oct-1928
386P.R.R. 558 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 1-Oct-192813-Oct-1928
387Santa Clara Grace Line Co.Passenger/Cargo 14-Nov-19291-Apr-1930 Later Susan B. Anthony (AP 72) 1942, sunk by a mine 1944
388 Jay St. Terminal Co.Car Float 19-Aug-193024-Aug-1930
389 Reserved for Car Float, Not Used
390 Erie Railroad Co.Car Float 10-Aug-192921-Aug-1929
391 Erie Railroad Co.Car Float 24-Aug-19295-Sep-1929
392Erie No. 4429 Erie Railroad Co.Car Float 26-Sep-192912-Oct-1929
393Erie No. 4529 Erie Railroad Co.Car Float 16-Oct-192927-Oct-1929
394Excalibur American Export LinesPassenger/Cargo 5-Aug-193018-Dec-1930 Later Joseph Hewes (AP 50/APA 22) 1942, torpedoed and lost 1942
395Exochorda American Export LinesPassenger/Cargo 18-Oct-193015-Jan-1931 Later Harry Lee (AP 17/APA 10) 1942, Tarsus 1948, in collision, burnt and scrapped 1960
396Exeter American Export LinesPassenger/Cargo 4-Apr-19314-Jun-1931 Later Edward Rutledge (AP 52/APA 24) 1942, torpedoed and lost 1942
397Excambion American Export LinesPassenger/Cargo 28-May-19314-Aug-1931 Later John Penn (AP 51/APA 23) 1942, torpedoed from the air and lost 1942
398Lone Star No. 1 Internation Cement Co. (Lone Star Cement Co.)Cement Barge 30-Sep-19293-Oct-1929
399Indianapolis U.S. NavyScout Cruise #35 7-Nov-193114-Nov-1932 Torpedoed and lost 1945
400Hercules No. 1 Hercules Cement Corp.Cement Barge 27-Feb-193016-Mar-1930
401Reading Co. No. 25 Reading Railroad Co.Car Float 10-Feb-193014-Feb-1930
402Reading Co. No. 26 Reading Railroad Co.Car Float 24-Feb-193028-Feb-1930
403Reading Co. No. 27 Reading Railroad Co.Car Float 10-Mar-193012-Mar-1930
404Reading Co. No. 28 Reading Railroad Co.Car Float 24-Mar-193024-Mar-1930
405Manhattan North Atlantic S.S. Co.Passenger/Cargo 5-Dec-193127-Jul-1932 Later Wakefield (AP 21) 1941, scrapped 1965
406Washington Transatlantic S.S. Co.Passenger/Cargo 20-Aug-19322-May-1933 Later Mount Vernon (AP 22) 1941, Washington 1946, scrapped 1965
407Tuscaloosa U.S. Navy Light Cruiser #37 15-Nov-193317-Aug-1934 Scrapped 1959
408Porter U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #356 12-Dec-193526-Aug-1936 Torpedoed and lost 1942
409Selfridge U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #357 18-Apr-193625-Nov-1936 Scrapped 1946
410McDougal U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #358 17-Jul-193623-Dec-1936 Later AG 126, scrapped 1949
411Winslow U.S. NavyT.B. Destroyer #359 21-Sep-193617-Feb-1937 Later AG 127, scrapped 1959
412Savannah U.S. NavyLight Cruiser #42 8-Mar-193810-Mar-1937 Scrapped 1960
413Nashville U.S. NavyLight Cruiser #43 2-Oct-19376-Jun-1938 To Chile 1951 as Capitan Prat (C 3), scrapped 1985
414Socony Vacuum Socony-Vacuum Oil Co.Oil Tanker 18-Jan-19351-Apr-1935 Scrapped 1954
415Magnolia Socony-Vacuum Oil Co.Oil Tanker 2-Apr-193527-Sep-1935 Scrapped 1954
416Phoenix U.S. NavyLight Cruiser #46 12-Mar-19383-Oct-1938 To Argentina 1951 as 17 de Octobre (C 4), later General Belgrano, sunk 1982
417Dixie U.S. NavyDestroyer Tender AD-14 27-May-193925-Apr-1940 Scrapped 1983
418Curtiss U.S. NavySeaplane Tender AV4 20-Apr-194015-Nov-1940 Scrapped 1972
419Prairie U.S. NavyDestroyer Tender AD-15 9-Dec-19395-Aug-1940 Scrapped 1993
420Albemarle U.S. NavySeaplane Tender AV5 13-Jul-194020-Dec-1940 Later ARVH 1 1965, scrapped 1975
421South Dakota U.S. NavyBattleship #BB57 7-Jun-194120-Mar-1942 Scrapped 1962
422Vulcan U.S. NavyRepair Ship AR#5 14-Dec-194014-Jun-1941 Scrapped 2006
423Cleveland U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL55 1-Nov-194115-Jun-1942 Scrapped 1960
424Columbia U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL56 17-Dec-194129-Jul-1942 Scrapped 1960
425Montpelier U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL57 12-Feb-19429-Sep-1942 Scrapped 1960
426Denver U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL58 4-Apr-194215-Oct-1942 Scrapped 1960
427Amsterdam U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV22 22-Aug-194214-Jan-1943 Renamed Independence (CVL 22), target in nuclear weapons test 1946, scuttled 1951
428Santa Fe U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL60 10-Jun-194224-Nov-1942 Scrapped 1960
429Tallahassee U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV23 18-Oct-194225-Feb-1943 Renamed Princeton (CVL 23), sunk by Japanese aircraft in Leyte Gulf 1944
430Currituck U.S. NavySeaplane Tender AV7 Cancelled, Construction transferred to Philadelphia Navy Yard
431New Haven U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV24 6-Dec-194231-Mar-1943 Renamed Belleau Wood (CVL 24), to France 1953 as Bois Belleau (R 97), scrapped 1960
432Huntington U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV25 17-Jan-194328-May-1943 Renamed Cowpens (CVL 25), scrapped 1960
433Dayton U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV26 28-Feb-194317-Jun-1943 Renamed Monterey (CVL 26), scrapped 1971
434Wilmington U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV28 4-Apr-194324-Jul-1943 Renamed Cabot (CVL 28), to Spain 1967 as Dedalo (R 01), preserved 1989, scrapped 2003
435Alaska U.S. NavyHeavy Cruiser CB1 15-Aug-194317-Jun-1944 Scrapped 1961
436Guam U.S. NavyHeavy Cruiser CB2 21-Nov-194317-Sep-1944 Scrapped 1961
437Hawaii U.S. NavyHeavy Cruiser CB3 3-Nov-1945Suspended
Never completed, scrapped 1959
438Philippines U.S. NavyHeavy Cruiser Cancelled 25-Jun-1943
439Puerto Rico U.S. NavyHeavy Cruiser Cancelled 25-Jun-1943
440Samoa U.S. NavyHeavy Cruiser Cancelled 25-Jun-1943
441Buffalo U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV29 1-Aug-194317-Nov-1943 Renamed Bataan (CVL 29), scrapped 1961
442Newark U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV30 26-Sep-194315-Dec-1943 Renamed San Jacinto (CVL 30), scrapped 1971
443Fargo U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CV27 22-May-194331-Aug-1943 Renamed Langley (CVL 27), to France 1951 as Lafayette (R 96), scrapped 1964
444LCT 401 to LCT 500 U.S. NavyLanding Craft Tank (LCT) 14-Jul-1942 to 31-Oct-1942Jul-1942 to 17-Nov-1942 100 landing craft tanks, a percentage sent to Britain
445LCI 1 to LCI 48 U.S. NavyLanding Craft Infantry (LCI) 3-Sep-1942 to 10-Dec-1942Oct-1942 to 28-Dec-1942 48 landing craft infantry units, a percentage sent to Britain
446Wilkes Barre U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 103 24-Dec-19431-Jul-1944 Sunk as target 1972
447Atlanta U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 104 6-Feb-19443-Dec-1944 Sunk as target 1970
448Dayton U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 105 19-Mar-19447-Jan-1945 Scrapped 1962
449Bremerton U.S. NavyCruiser CA 130 2-Jul-194429-Apr-1945 Scrapped 1974
450Fall River U.S. NavyCruiser CA 131 13-Aug-19441-Jul-1945 Scrapped 1972
451Macon U.S. NavyCruiser CA 132 15-Oct-194425-Aug-1945 Scrapped 1973
452Toledo U.S. NavyCruiser CA 133 6-May-194527-Oct-1946 Scrapped 1974
453 U.S. NavyCruiser CA 134 Cancelled September 1943
454Fargo U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 106 25-Feb-19459-Dec-1945 Scrapped 1971
455Huntington U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 107 8-Apr-194523-Feb-1946 Scrapped 1962
456Newark U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 108 14-Dec-194514-Dec-1945 Cancelled 1945
457New Haven U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 109 Dismantled and scrapped
458Buffalo U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 110 Dismantled and scrapped
459Wilmington U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 111 Cancelled and built by Cramp Shipbuilding
460Vallejo U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 112 Cancelled 5-Oct-1944
461Helena U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 113 Cancelled 5-Oct-1944
462Roanoke U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 114 Cancelled 5-Oct-1944
463 U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 115 Cancelled 5-Oct-1944
464 U.S. NavyCruiser CL 143 Cancelled 3-Apr-1944
465Worcester U.S. NavyCruiser CL 144 4-Feb-194725-Jun-1948 Scrapped 1972
466Roanoke U.S. NavyCruiser CL 145 16-Jun-19474-Apr-1949 Scrapped 1972
467Vallejo U.S. NavyCruiser CL 146 Cancelled 13-Aug-1945
468Gary U.S. NavyCruiser CL 147 Cancelled 13-Aug-1945
469Saipan U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CVL 48 8-Jul-194514-Jul-1946 Scrapped 1976
470Wright U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CVL 49 1-Sep-19459-Feb-1947 Scrapped 1980
471Dallas U.S. NavyCruiser CA 150 Cancelled 28-Mar-1945
472 U.S. NavyCruiser CA 151 Cancelled 28-Mar-1945
473 U.S. NavyCruiser CA 152 Cancelled 28-Mar-1945
474 U.S. NavyCruiser CA 153 Cancelled 28-Mar-1945
475Erie R.R. 5048 Erie Railroad Co.Car Float 18-Jun-194829-Jun-1948
476Erie R.R. 5148 Erie Railroad Co.Car Float 2-Jul-19482-Aug-1948
477P.R.R. 552 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 16-Nov-194829-Nov-1948
478P.R.R. 524 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 30-Nov-194810-Dec-1948
479P.R.R. 647 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 14-Sep-194812-Oct-1948
480P.R.R. 648 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Car Float 28-Sep-194819-Oct-1948
481P.R.R. 601 Pennsylvania Railroad Co.Bay Barge 16-Dec-19484-Jan-49 Later Nandua
482Atlantic Seaman Philadelphia Tankers Inc.Tanker 4-Jun-195010-Nov-1950 Later Thomas A 1965, scrapped 1975
483Atlantic Engineer Philadelphia Tankers Inc.Tanker 8-Sep-195019-Jan-1951 Later Thomas Q 1970, Cove Engineer 1978, scrapped 1982
484Atlantic Navigator Philadelphia Tankers Inc.Tanker 14-Nov-195014-Mar-1951 Later Mount Navigator 1974, Cove Navigator 1978, scrapped 1985
485President Jackson U.S. Maritime CommissionPassenger/Cargo P2-S1-DN3 27-Jun-195021-May-1952 Military Sea Transportation Service (M.S.T.S.), renamed Barrett (AP 196), to NY SMA as Empire State V 1973, to NDRF as State 1990, scrapped 2007
486President Adams U.S. Maritime CommissionPassenger/Cargo P2-S1-DN3 9-Oct-195013-Sep-1952 M.S.T.S., renamed Geiger (AP 197), to MA SMA as Bay State 1980, burnt 1981 and scrapped
487President Hayes U.S. Maritime CommissionPassenger/Cargo P2-S1-DN3 19-Jan-195120-Dec-1952 M.S.T.S., renamed Upshur (AP 198), to ME SMA as State of Maine 1973, to NDRF 1990, to USCG 1995, destroyed 2008
488Norfolk U.S. NavyDestroyer Leader DL1 29-Dec-19514-Mar-1953 Scrapped 1974
U.S. NavyCargo Reefer AF55 Repair Repair1-Jul-1952 Repair job on a Fleet Stores Ship built by Moore Dry Dock Co.
490 U.S. NavyHouseboat Repair Repair31-Aug-1951 Repair job only
U.S. NavyLight Cruiser CL 103 Repair31-Aug-1951 Repair job of original built by the New York Shipyard (see Contract #446 earlier in this listing)
492Garden Mariner U.S. Maritime AdministrationCargo Ship
(Class C4-S-1a)
12-Mar-195324-Oct-1953 Later Compass Island (AG 153) 1955, scrapped 2003
493Diamond Mariner U.S. Maritime AdministrationCargo Ship
(Class C4-S-1a)
11-Apr-195322-Dec-1953 Later Paul Revere (APA 248) 1958, to Spain as Castilla (L 21) 1980, scrapped 2000
494Empire State Mariner U.S. Maritime AdministrationCargo Ship
(Class C4-S-1a)
15-Aug-195324-Feb-1954 Later Observation Island (AGM 23) 1956, scrapped 2014
495Prairie Mariner U.S. Maritime AdministrationCargo Ship
(Class C4-S-1a)
13-Feb-195425-May-1954 Later Francis Marion (APA 249) 1959, to Spain as Aragon (L 22) 1980, training hulk 2002
496Silver Mariner U.S. Maritime AdministrationCargo Ship
(Class C4-S-1a)
5-Jan-195411-Aug-1954 Later Pioneer Ming 1956, containership American Legacy 1971, scrapped 1986
497 U.S. Navy Design work for conversion of USS Boston & USS Canberra heavy cruisers (CA)
to CAG type (Guided missile heavy cruiser)
U.S. NavyBoston CA-69 to Boston CAG-1 Arrived 11-Apr-19521-Nov-1955 Conversion from CA to CAG, scrapped 1975
U.S. NavyCanberra CA-70 to Canberra CAG-2 Arrived 30-Jun-195215-Jun-1956 Conversion from CA to CAG, scrapped 1980
500Mississinewa U.S. NavyFleet Oiler
12-Jun-195418-Jan-1955 Scrapped 2007
501Hassayampa U.S. NavyFleet Oiler
12-Sep-195415-Apr-1955 Scrapped 2005
502Kawashiwi U.S. NavyFleet Oiler
11-Dec-195422-Jun-1955 To National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) 1999, approval to "reef" there in 2010
503Truckee U.S. NavyFleet Oiler
19-Mar-195518-Nov-1955 Scrapped 2008
504Ponchatoula U.S. NavyFleet Oiler
9-Jul-19551-Jan-1956 To NDRF 1999, towed for dismantlement in 2014
U.S. NavyCruiser CL56 Repair19-Feb-1954 Repair job only
506 Warner Co.Barge 30-Dec-19546-Jan-1955
507 Warner Co.Barge 30-Dec-19546-Jan-1955
508 Warner Co.Barge 10-Mar-195514-Mar-1955
509 Warner Co.Barge 10-Mar-195514-Mar-1955
510John Willis U.S. NavyFrigate DE1027 4-Feb-195621-Feb-1957 Scrapped 1974
511Van Voorhis U.S. NavyFrigate DE1028 28-Jul-195622-Apr-1957 Scrapped 1974
512Hartley U.S. NavyFrigate DE1029 24-Jan-195726-Jun-1957 To Colombia 1972 as D 07, struck 1994, museum ship in Guatape
513Joseph K. Taussig U.S. NavyFrigate DE1030 8-Mar-195710-Sep-1957 Scrapped 1974
514Kitty Hawk U.S. NavyAircraft Carrier CVA63 22-May-196029-Apr-1961 Reclassified CV-63 in 1973, decommissioned 2009, laid up in Bremerton
515Bonefish U.S. NavyAttack Submarine SS582 22-Nov-19589-Jul-1959 Scrapped 1989
516Irwin W. Alcorn Coastal Marine Drilling & Construction Co.Water Barge 16-Aug-195710-Oct-1957 NLD
517Howard S. Cole, Jr. Coastal Marine Drilling & Construction Co.Off Shore Drilling Tender 17-Aug-195710-Oct-1957 Later Panintoil No. 1 1959, Rakhsh 1 1966, ST-95 1978, NLD
518Leilani Hawaiian American S.S. Co.Ferry 7-Jan-1957 Conversion from SS La Guardia
519Atlas Tankers & Tramps Corp.Tanker 35000 DWT 17-May-195828-Aug-1958 Later Connecticut 1966, scrapped
520Ocean Ulla Ocean Transportation Co.Tanker 35000 DWT 10-Sep-195925-Feb-1960 Later Overseas Ulla 1968, scrapped 1983
521Philine Somerset Shipping Co.Tanker 45500 DWT 11-Oct-195828-Jan-1959 Scrapped 1977
522Philippia Somerset Shipping Co.Tanker 45500 DWT 7-Feb-195910-Jun-1959 Scrapped 1977
523Philadora Somerset Shipping Co.Tanker 45500 DWT 23-May-195910-Sep-1959 Scrapped 1977
524Titan Somerset Shipping Co.Tanker 45500 DWT 13-Feb-196027-Apr-1960 Later Rebecca 1964, Overseas Rebecca 1968, Overseas Anchorage 1972, scrapped 1984
525Little Rock U.S. NavyCruiser CLG 4 3-Jun-1960 Original commission 17-Jun-1945, 1960 conversion for long-range Talos guided missles
526Lawrence U.S. NavyDestroyer DDG4 27-Feb-196020-Dec-1961 Scrapped 2004
527Biddle U.S. NavyDestroyer DDG5 4-Jun-19602-May-1962 Renamed in 1964 to Claude V. Ricketts, scrapped 2003
528Barney U.S. NavyDestroyer DDG6 10-Dec-196031-Jul-1962 Scrapped 2008
529Savannah U.S. Maritime AdministrationPassenger/Cargo 21-Jul-19591-May-1962 Nuclear-powered, laid up in Baltimore MD
530Export Ambassador American Export Lines, Inc.Cargo Ship C3-S-38a 23-Apr-196015-Sep-1960 To NDRF as Ambassador 1981, still there as of 2014
531Export Adventurer American Export Lines, Inc.Cargo Ship C3-S-38a 9-Jul-196030-Dec-1960 To NDRF as Adventurer 1981, still there as of 2014
532Dale U.S. NavyGuided Missile Frigate DLG19 28-Jul-19628-Nov-1963 Sunk as target 2000
533Richmond K. Turner U.S. NavyGuided Missile Frigate DLG20 6-Apr-196319-May-1964 Sunk as target 1998
534Pollack U.S. NavyNuclear-Powered Attack Submarine SSN 593 17-Mar-196226-May-1964 Scrapped 1995
535Haddo U.S. NavyNuclear-Powered Attack Submarine 18-Aug-196216-Dec-1964 Scrapped 1992
536Berkeley U.S. NavyGuided Missile Destroyer DDG15 29-Jul-196130-Nov-1962 To Greece 1992 as Themistoklis (D 221), scrapped 2004
537Joseph Strauss U.S. NavyGuided Missile Destroyer DDG16 9-Dec-196129-Mar-1963 To Greece 1999 as Formion (D 220), scrapped 2004
538Conyngham U.S. NavyGuided Missile Destroyer DDG17 19-May-19621-Jul-1963 Scrapped 1994
539Guardfish U.S. NavyNuclear-Powered Attack Submarine SSN 612 15-May-196520-Dec-1967 Scrapped 1992
540Truxtun U.S. NavyNuclear Guided Missile Frigate DLGN35 19-Dec-196426-May-1967 Scrapped 1999
541Pogy U.S. NavyNuclear Attack Submarine 3-Jun-1967Terminated
SSN647, nuclear powered, completed by Ingalls 15-May-1971, scrapped 2000
542Camden U.S. NavyCombat Support Fleet Supply Ship 29-May-19651-Apr-1967 Combat Support Ship AOE2, scrapped 2007